Plans for Homebuilt Teardrop and Travel Trailers

These are plans for teardrops and travel trailers for do-it-yourselfer, some old, some modern.

Image Description File
Grumman Teardrop: A modern designed teardrop with easy to follow plans. 8 Pgs
188 kB
Honeymoon 1939 Teardrop: Not sure what woman today would be OK with going on her honeymoon in a Teardrop trailer, but this one was just the thing back in '39. Its a classic vintage teardrop style. 6 Pgs
889 kB
Pico Light Teardrop: Here's another modern designed ultralight teardrop. It would be just the thing to to behind a compact car or hybrid and enjoy the great outdoors, in a lot more confort than a tent. 32 Pgs
984 kB
Teardrop 1936: Another old timer with spaceship looking round windows. Gotta love the Art Deco stylings of the 1930s. 4 Pgs
705 kB
Trailer for 2: This article from 1947 started the entire post war travel trailer craze that continues to this day. The simple, straightforward teardrop design is practical and simple for the solo camper or couple on the road. 6 Pgs
826 kB
Widget 6: Bigger than a teardrop, this Widget 6 is a more a "canned ham" travel trailer that you can stand in and includes a porta potty. A well detailed modern design. 28 Pgs
673 kB