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Here's a collection of scooters, go-carts and mini bikes. As always the builder takes sole responsibility for the safe construction and operation of any of these.

Image Description File
Desert Scout: Here's a fat-tire, 3 wheeler intended for the desert and loose sand. It would make agreat beach buggy or mud monster too. It'll handle two adults and should climb great. 5 Pgs
1.5 MB
Electric Car: A cool electric two wheeler with training wheels for kids. These days you could scale it up a bit and have a fun adult cruiser for the many bike paths or trails springing up everywhere. Check your local laws to be sure it's legal on those corridors though. 8 Pgs
3.1 MB
Fat-Tire Mini-Bike: Here's a sportsman's dream. A fat tire, go anywhere mini bike for packing out that wild pig or deer from the boonies. 5 Pgs
525 kB
Go Cart: When this article appeared, this go cart was street legal, though I doubt it would be still. Nonetheless, it should be a fun dirt road or paved driveway cruiser 10 Pgs
1.2 MB
GS Scooter: An ultra simple 1950s style homebrew scooter that should be a blast. 7 Pgs
763 kB
Mini Bike: This is the classic mini-bike that used to be common back in the 50s and 60s. Lots of fun with a cheap lawn tool motor. 8 Pgs
554 kB
Motorized Bicycle: Interesting plans on how to turn a Pee-Wee Hermann bicycle into a motor bike. 4 Pgs
555 kB
Mountain Kart: Another 3 wheel, 2 seat, tiller steer, go anywhere off road buggy. This one intended for going over rough, rocky trails. 5 Pgs
1.6 MB
Pocket Mini Bike: A Micro-minibike that should be a blast. 4 Pgs
1.2 MB
Super Scooter: This looks like something from an old black and white sci-fi movie. In spite of the batman sheet metal, the frame below is simple and bolt-together - a pretty simple project. 12 Pgs
3.4 MB
Traditional Mini Bike: They call this a traditional mini-bike, but it's a lot more finished and elegant than the ones I remember. It sould be a great project. 6 Pgs
1.1 MB