Plans for Boats

For a complete line of modern, professionally designed boats, please visit Spira International Easy To Build Boat Plans. These modern, practical designs utilize common lumberyard materials and are some of the easiest to build boats out there. Over 1000 of these boats have been built all over the world. The slides below are just some of the many different styles and sizes from 7' to 55' long in both imperial and metric dimensions.

Spira International easy to build boat plans

Following are free plans for boats of a variety of different sizes and configurations, some practical, some not so much.

Image Description File
12' Huntington Harbor Kayak: Over 100 of these famous kayaks have been built all over the world. Great to learn how to build a boat and use for fishing, or just plain fun on the water. Comes with both metric (mm) and imperial (inch) drawings. - Pgs
2.8 MB
9' Booth Bay Mini Dory: The Boothbay is a great starter boat, easy to build and fun for the whole family. Both imperial (inch) and metric (mm) plans included. - Pgs
3.3 MB
Atomite Speed Boat: An interesting design from long ago. Looks like fun. 4 Pgs
3.3 MB
Bayou Belle House Boat: Here's an interesting live-aboard boat perfect for a river or bayou getaway. 4 Pgs
2.2 MB
Corky Sail Boat: A tiny sailboat that looks easy to build and probably only useable for pre-teens or very small adults. 2 Pgs
327 kB
Dingbat Water Scooter: Called a Water Scooter back in the '50s when this was designed, this is the predecessor to the modern jet ski, except this uses a standard outboard motor. 5 Pgs
2.4 MB
Hobby Cat Sailing Catamaran: The name sounds remarkably like the famous sailing cats that you see everywhere. Make your own from wood. 6 Pgs
3.7 MB
Marty Pedal, Paddle Boat: A pedal powered, duck looking catamaran. OK, a bit odd, but it looks fun for a small pond. 6 Pgs
3.4 MB
Paddle Pusher: An extremely simple kids boat that could be just the thing to introduce kids to the fun of boating. 1 Pgs
518 kB
Parti-O: This is like having a floating porch, or patio on the water to anchor up and have a party on. 4 Pgs
1.8 MB
The Thing Power Boat: A little odd looking, but the design is sound and it makes for a fast ride on the water. 4 Pgs
1.1 MB
Whizz Ice Boat: Now this looks like fun. A genuine wooden ice boat for the frozen north. 7 Pgs
1.2 MB