Plans for Automobiles, Electric Cars, Golf Carts and Dune Buggies

These are plans for all sorts of vehicles in of all sorts of configurations, some practical, others, just barely functionsal. Some for kids, some looking like they'd be a blast.

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6 Wheel ATV: These used to be popular years ago, a go anywhere 6 wheel all terrain vehicle. This one is anphibious too, it'll float, but is horribly inefficient relying on knobby tires to drive you through the water. It's much better with a separate trolling or mud motor attached for water use. 7 Pgs
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Kid's Electric Touring Car: Here's just the thing for kids, an antique styled electric touring car - of course slow speed for sidewlk and backj yard use only. Pgs
3.0 MB
Golf Cart: A home brew, old style electric golf cart. The three wheel, tiller steer variety that used to be commin back in the 50s and 60s, before the modern fiberglass 4-wheel versions took over. Easy home build. Pgs
2.6 MB
1902 Packard: Check out this 1901 Packard scale model for kids. Electric drive. Nice! Pgs
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Paolo Buggy Project: Here's a very well designed one-seater dune buggy designed by an Italian named Paolo. He did a great job and it looks fast and capable. Pgs
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Sidewalk Electric Car: This kids project looks like a cartoon car from the 1930s - very art-deco. Pgs
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Sidewalk Classic: A surry topped electric sidewalk cruiser. Pgs
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OSV Tabby: Here's a modern designed fully functional elelctric car plan. It's an open source design, ready for your own custom touches. The zip file contains CAD drawings that can be read using the open source FreeCAD program. THis is for real. FreeCAD Dwgs
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