Plans for Homebuilt Aircraft

These are plans for aircraft of all sorts of configurations, all full sized, not models, some practical, some not so much, some complete, some not. For information only, you take all responsibility for their safety or operation if you decide to actually build one.

Image Description File
Alco Sportplane: An interesting looking monoplane form the 1920s that looks to be straightforward and sturdy. This was once in production. 10 Pgs
2.6 MB
Baby Bullet: An early racing monoplane of 1920s design. Looks like at least one was built and flown. 22 Pgs
6.1 MB
Heath Biplane Glider: This 2-place glider was designed by one of the famous hombuilt aircraft pioneers, Heath. The article shows it doing aerobatics. 16 Pgs
3.2 MB
Chilton High Performance Monoplane: A British design, this good looking airplane is very well detailed and looks well designed. 68 Pgs
12.3 MB
Church Midwing: This is a mid-wing variant of the famous Heath Parasol, of which many were built and flown back in the depression era. 8 Pgs
2.3 MB
Driggs Dart: Another popular 1920s design, the Driggs was quite a popular plane among pioneering hombuilders. 10 Pgs
2.3 MB
Pou-du-Ciel (Sky Flea): Henri Mignet's famous French tandem wing design from 1934. Henri's family graciously offered his design to the public domain after his passing. THis has been and still is a popular homebuilt in Europe. Very well detailed large scale prints (in French) available now for free download. 28 Pgs
30.2 MB
Georgia's Special: A very nice looking early parasol monoplane. 7 Pgs
1.6 MB
Gere Biplane: A classic 1920s biplane design for the home builder. A bit more work than some but the results should be worth it. 16 Pgs
3.6 MB
Goat 4 Glider: A modern designed open glider, very well detailed. Looks like a LOT of fun! 82 Pgs
2.1 MB
The Henderson Longster: Yet another vintahge ride that was popular way back when. Nice designs like this just should not be allowed to fade into obscurity. 10 Pgs
2.0 MB
The Lincoln Biplane: Looks pretty small to me, but might be just the thing for someone looking for an ultra compact homebuilt. 15 Pgs
3.7 MB
The Monerai Sailplane: A modern, high performance sailplane with a power option, now in the public domain. 11 Pgs
11.2 MB
Northrup 1928 Glider: An early publication of Jack Northrup's (I assume?) The article in in Spanish. 7 Pgs
509 kB
Pietenpol Air Camper: Perhaps one of the most famous, and most constructed early homebuilts. This one is a two place version featuring a Ford Model A engine. 33 Pgs
7.2 MB
Pietenpol Sky Scout: This is the single place version of the Air Camper, this one with a Ford Model T engine. 22 Pgs
6.6 MB
Powell PH Racer Biplane: Here's a good looking 1920s small racing biplane that would be a great build today. 14 Pgs
2.5 MB
Ramsey Flying Bathtub: Another famous and popular early homebuilt, the flying bathtub was easy to build and a supposedly flew very well. 18 Pgs
4.5 MB
Russian Argo: Here's a clean looking Russian design that looks pretty easy to build. Plans are metric. 11 Pgs
1.3 MB
Woodhopper: A modern designed all-wood ultralight that looks like a blast. 6 Pgs
20.6 MB