Homebuilt Aircraft Plans

These are most older plans for homebuilt aircraft. Some of these may or may not be ultralights so may require a pilot's license to fly.

Image Description File
Alco Sportplane: An interesting looking monoplane form the 1920s that looks to be straightforward and sturdy. This was once in production. 10 Pgs
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Baby Bullet: An early racing monoplane of 1920s design. Looks like at least one was built and flown. 22 Pgs
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Heath Biplane Glider: This 2-place glider was designed by one of the famous hombuilt aircraft pioneers, Heath. The article shows it doing aerobatics. 16 Pgs
3.2 MB
Chilton High Performance Monoplane: A British design, this good looking airplane is very well detailed and looks well designed. 68 Pgs
12.3 MB
Church Midwing: This is a mid-wing variant of the famous Heath Parasol, of which many were built and flown back in the depression era. 8 Pgs
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Driggs Dart: Another popular 1920s design, the Driggs was quite a popular plane among pioneering hombuilders. 10 Pgs
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Pou-du-Ciel (Sky Flea): Henri Mignet's famous French tandem wing design from 1934. Henri's family graciously offered his design to the public domain after his passing. THis has been and still is a popular homebuilt in Europe. Very well detailed large scale prints (in French) available now for free download. 28 Pgs
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Georgia's Special: A very nice looking early parasol monoplane. 7 Pgs
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Gere Biplane: A classic 1920s biplane design for the home builder. A bit more work than some but the results should be worth it. 16 Pgs
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Goat 4 Glider: A modern designed open glider, very well detailed. Looks like a LOT of fun! 82 Pgs
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The Henderson Longster: Yet another vintahge ride that was popular way back when. Nice designs like this just should not be allowed to fade into obscurity. 10 Pgs
2.0 MB
The Lincoln Biplane: Looks pretty small to me, but might be just the thing for someone looking for an ultra compact homebuilt. 15 Pgs
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The Monerai Sailplane: A modern, high performance sailplane with a power option, now in the public domain. 11 Pgs
11.2 MB
Northrup 1928 Glider: An early publication of Jack Northrup's (I assume?) The article in in Spanish. 7 Pgs
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Pietenpol Air Camper: Perhaps one of the most famous, and most constructed early homebuilts. This one is a two place version featuring a Ford Model A engine. 33 Pgs
7.2 MB
Pietenpol Sky Scout: This is the single place version of the Air Camper, this one with a Ford Model T engine. 22 Pgs
6.6 MB
Powell PH Racer Biplane: Here's a good looking 1920s small racing biplane that would be a great build today. 14 Pgs
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Ramsey Flying Bathtub: Another famous and popular early homebuilt, the flying bathtub was easy to build and a supposedly flew very well. 18 Pgs
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Russian Argo: Here's a clean looking Russian design that looks pretty easy to build. Plans are metric. 11 Pgs
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Woodhopper: A modern designed all-wood ultralight that looks like a blast. 6 Pgs
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