Check out these interesting home built tools.

Image Description File
Small Air Compressor: Made from some junk parts that may or may not be available where you are. Interesting design though. 2 Pgs
435 kB
Arc Welder: You use your car engine to power this rotary arc welder. Great idea. You could probably use a small gas engine like from a lawn mower as well. 4 Pgs
349 kB
Bandsaw made from Wood: Here's a great design, building a bandsaw from lumber you probably already have in your garage. 2 Pgs
1.5 MB
Homebrew Cement Mixer: If you need one this one is probably a lot better than the Harbor Freight ones. 3 Pgs
740 kB
Drill Press: Here's an interesting design, a ball bearing drill press made from pipe fittings. 3 Pgs
2.6 MB
Hobby Lathe: Wow, a small metal cutting lathe you can make at home. 19 Pgs
1.3 MB
Leaf Blower: As the publication says, it sure beats raking avery fall. 4 Pgs
475 kB
Power Hacksaw: Cutting up metal, you really need a power saw, unless you're into a good workout. 4 Pgs
475 kB
Roto Tiller: In the spring, tilling the soil for yoru garden is a must. This will get the job done quickly. 6 Pgs
1.2 MB
Scroll Saw: It is amazing how many useful and beautiful things can be made with a scroll saw. 2 Pgs
2.1 MB
Sheet Metal Brake: Sheet metal working tools are expensive. You can make your own using some scrap parts that will perform right up there with the commercial units. 4 Pgs
727 kB
Shop Press: This is a 2 ton, screw type, shop press, very useful for building a wide variety of home shop projects. 2 Pgs
2.5 MB
Spot Welder: Spot welding sheet metal is the preferred method. Here's a homebrew spot welder that should work just fine. 4 Pgs
1.1 MB
Table Saw: Here's a home made, 10" tilt-arbor table saw that you can make at home. 5 Pgs
1.7 MB
Turret Lathe: Here's a 6" metal cutting, Turret Lathe, great for limited production, that you can build at home. 5 Pgs
1.7 MB
Gas Fired Furnace: Great brass or aluminum melter as seen used on many YouTube voideos. 4 Pgs
1.1 MB
Metal Shaper: Punches, Notches, and cuts keyways and square holes. 4 Pgs
880 KB