Alternative Energy Products

Check out these interesting home built tools.

Image Description File
Alternator: Here's a classic permanent magnet alternator for making electricity using wind power. It's publishhed for the third world who has limited access to machinery and equipment. 49 Pgs
970 kB
Pico Wind Turbine: This is a pico turbine intended to be built as a teaching tool. It is published by a company who specializes in teaching wind turbine energy. 28 Pgs
750 kB
FEMA Gasifier: FEMA published this set of plans in 1989 as a method to power gas vehicles using wood or agricultural tailings to create a natural gas that can be burned in engines. It was published if there were more gasoline emergencies. 66 Pgs
1.9 MB
Missouri Wood Gasifier: The state of Missouir published this guide to producing electricity in the event of a loss in fossil fuels. It a method of gassifying wood to produce a fuel that generators can use to create power. You could also use this method for mobile equipment (cars, trucks, tractors, etc. 89 Pgs
3.7 MB
Lucy Caliente Solar Water Heater: Here's an easy to build solar water heater that is popular all over the world for heating shower water. 21 Pgs
1.3 MB