E-Books Things to Build

Here are some great old public domain books with things to build.

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Carpentry and Woodwork, by Edwin Foster: There are some greattoys and games you can make from wood in this 1911 published book. 270 Pgs
8 MB
Carpentry for Boys, by J. S. Zerbe: This is a really good how-to carpentry book from 1914. It includes tool use, lathe work, house construction and more. Back them everyone had to know how to build things. 162 Pgs
4 MB
Home-Made Toys For Girls and Boys, By A. Neely Hall: Wow, so may great toys you can build rom wood for your kids. It includes pull toys, chairs & firniture, hobby horses, kites, and more. 236 Pgs
8 MB
Rustic Carpentry, by Paul N. Hasluck: Ouytdoor porches, patios, garden walks, sheds, and rustic cabins are included in this great 1907 DIY book. 162 Pgs
9 MB
Things To Make, by Archibald Williams: More great plans for fun stuff including model airplanes, kites, cabinets, sheds, and lots of other interesting projects. 449 Pgs
12 MB
Three Hundred Things a Bright Boy Can Do, by Anonymous: Canoeing, cooking, gardening, aquarium, the list goes on and on of great things every boy (or girl) should know how to do then and now. The fun kind of things that makes life interesting. 5 Pgs
3.7 MB